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World Without End
by Molly Cochran
World Without End
by Molly Cochran, Warren Murphy (Contributor)

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Mass Market Paperback - 480 pages 
Reprint edition (April 1997) 
Tor Books; ISBN: 0812534271 
Dimensions (in inches): 1.28 x 6.76 x 4.14 
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Editorial Reviews
From Kirkus Reviews , January 15, 1996
Fantasy involving psychic powers, Atlantis, reincarnation, and sinister conspiracies, from the authors of The Forever King (1992). Orphan, sailor, and diver Sam Smith, living on a boat with irascible Floridian Darian McCabe, often hears a woman's voice psychically calling to him when he dives into the dangerous waters known as the Peaks. On one dive, Sam goes too deep, gets the bends- -and discovers a huge, oddly cut magic diamond. Hospitalized, he meets Dr. Cory Althorpe, another psychic (she's linked to a group called the Rememberers--they all dream of pyramids and volcanoes) who shares Sam's rare blood type. Other Rememberers congregate nearby as the opposition, the Consortium, try to murder them and grab the diamond. Thousands of years ago, you see, Atlantis lay on an island in the Bermuda Triangle and was ruled by King Zeus; once Atlantis fell, Zeus's descendants became psychics, healers, and Rememberers--while vengeful Hades, Zeus's rival, founded the Consortium dedicated to wiping out the psychics. Eventually, Sam is transported back to the last days of Atlantis, where he strives to change history and bring a new Atlantis into the modern world. A yarn that begins engagingly enough but grows increasingly gnarled and absurd, with an ending compounded of equal parts hokum and the saccharine: for die-hard Atlanteans only. -- Copyright ©1996, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Sam Smith is targeted by an international network of conspirators because of his discovery of clues to the lost continent of Atlantis, and when he is mysteriously transported to the past, Sam becomes the key to the island's survival. Reprint. PW. 


Customer Comments
Average Customer Review:4.5 out of 5 starsNumber of Reviews: 13

5 out of 5 starsCochran and Murphy do it again!, June 20, 2001
Reviewer: drgngnr (see more about me)from AZ United States
First of all, I loved this book. It was just as captivating as Forever King and The Broken Sword. I just couldn't put it down. I must admit it was a little slow at the begining but then it grabs you and doesn't let go. I really liked the way they tied in the figures from Greek myths and gave a creative explanation of where the legends of the greek gods may have came from. An interesting spin on things if nothing else. The guy that gave this book only 2 stars and didn't finish reading it doesn't know what he missed.I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read scifi/fantasy.

5 out of 5 starsThis Book is for Alternative Thinkers, January 12, 2001
Reviewer: Lee Ann Stamm (see more about me)from Kingsville, Mo USA
If you believe in reincarnation, soul mates, ESP, psychic abilities, karma, and the mysteries of Atlantis, you will love this book. It is not for everyone, but certainly supports the alternative spirit.

A reader from Vancouver, Canada , April 18, 1999 5 out of 5 stars
Well written page turner that I just had to finish. 
I love it! Molly and Warren know just how to interweave time, mythology, and legends. I loved how they make old ideas fresh. This is the first of their books I've read and I'm now on book 3 -that was 8 days ago. I've since read The Forever King (I finished it in 4 hours). I'm now on the Broken Sword the continuation of Forever King. Molly and Warren know how to grab you from the first page to the end. I recommend all their books. 

A reader from hawaii , February 22, 1999 5 out of 5 stars
Wonderful! Could not have been written better 
I first read Forever King three years ago, I eagerly awaited their second book. I finally read it a month ago... could not have been written better! 

A reader from Weston, Massachusetts, USA , November 26, 1998 5 out of 5 stars
truly spell-binding account of the ever mysterious Atlantis 
This book is about a group of normal people on the outside, but on the inside they are mind-reading physics who are of Atlantean blood, but they don't know that. Sam Smith, one of Atlanteans is magically transported back into time when the Atlanteans ruled the world. One problem, a group of crazed people are set out to kill every last one of these people. This mystery/novel is a romantic, suspensful story of one man setting out to change the world with only two obstacles true love and murder. from Vermont, U.S. , May 7, 1998 5 out of 5 stars
I had shivers!!!!!! I honestly had shivers!!!!!!! 
I don't expect you to trust an online reviewer, but i thought that this book easily surpased many of the books i have ever read. It hooked you in from the very beginning, and gripped you until you finally put it down, finished. You wont want to put it down at all, but you'll feel a sort of emptiness when it ends. It is one long string of eye-opening connections between the characters and events, everything comes together in every possible sense. While i was reading it, I cried out, laughed, and made surprised sounds, truly worrying those around me. I developed a strong affinity for the characters, and truly felt as though i were there as well, involved in this enchanting story. The writing is vivid and true. You'll laugh, scream, cry, and most importantly, think. Congratulations to the authors, they have acquired a new fan. I'll have to read their other works now. I can almost guarantee that you will love it. While i was still reading it, I told this to my friend, and he picked it up if only to prove me wrong. He read the first chapter or so, and I literally had to wrestle it away from him. He's reading right now in fact. This is in no way propaganda, but READ THE BOOK. 

A reader , April 24, 1997 5 out of 5 stars
I loved this book. One of the best I have ever read. 
This book is haunting. It echoes in your thoughts long after the adventure of reading it is over. The story and symbolism in this book are sheer genius. Suspense, mystery, drama, good and evil battling through time, aliens, gods, psychics--this book has it all! The ideas in this book resonate with our times and culture very well. I bought several to give to my book-reading friends. I can't imagine anyone who likes to read great stories not liking this book. 

A shopper , August 13, 1996 5 out of 5 stars
Goosebumps!!! An amazing novel by two amazing authors!!!! 
I could not put this book down, but yet I forced myself to do so because I did not want it to end. It was so very romantic in such a sutle way. They are two of my favorite authors and I wait for each of their novels to come out. I thought Forever King was the best book ever but this book had everything!! I yelled out loud, laughed out loud, and cried my eyes out. My family thought I was nuts. We were on vacation and it made my vacation all the better. Read this book it makes you feel so good. Its not a girly book either. My husband reads everything Warren Murphy puts out and I saw the enjoyment on his face everytime he turned a page. Please keep writing we love your work. A truely devoted fan, Kelley Sprosty --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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