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The Third Magic
by Molly Cochran
The Third Magic
                     by Molly Cochran (Author) 

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Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
                     In Cochran's third and probably concluding volume of her ingenious but complex Arthurian fantasy set in the modern world (The Forever  King; The Broken Sword), young Arthur Blessing is still watched over by Merlin (aka Taliesin) and by Galahad (aka guardian Hal Woczniak), who happens to be in love with Arthur's aunt, Emily Blessing. The rest of the Knights of the Round Table are not quite effectively disguised as a motorcycle gang. The teen media, who have made Arthur Blessing something of a star, complicate his quest to return with the full powers of Arthur Pendragon. When the spring containing the Holy Grail helps Arthur develop healing powers, he faces a dilemma, because the house over the spring is the home of one Gwen Ranier, his contemporary Guinevere-and the legend says that Guinevere must die. Furthermore, shadows from the past (well-developed, if a minor part of the story), plus a fugitive Communist spy and a homicidal maniac, pose additional challenges. For readers new to the trilogy, the action flies by in a bunch of scenes in close formation without visible connection, but it should all make sense to those who have read the earlier books. 
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Eight years ago, a young red-haired boy discovered that he was the reincarnation of Arthur, once High King of Britain, master of the Round Table, wielder of Excalibur and the Holy Grail, fated to one day reclaim his throne and lead the world into a new golden age. 

Almost immediately, people started trying to kill him. Arthur has been on the run or in hiding since he was ten years old.

Four years ago, after a climactic battle between the resurrected Knights of the Round Table and a dark magician determined to warp the powers of the Grail to his own evil purpose, Arthur Blessing spoke to television cameras, and therefore the world. He told them the time for hatred and fear was over and that a new time of peace was at hand.

Pursued as a new messiah, Arthur disappeared to a small farm in the American Midwest, surrounded by his Knights, protected most of all by Hal, most recently an FBI agent, but, long ago, Sir Galahad.

Now Arthur is eighteen, and Merlin has come to bring him to his destiny. There’s just one small problem.  Arthur. What is he going to do as High King? How can he unite and heal such a deeply wounded world? No one believes in all that chivalry stuff anymore, and besides, he’s not sure mankind is worthy of the powers of the Sword and the Grail.

Yet those powers are needed, now most of all. Now, with a master terrorist preparing to strike Cheyenne Mountain, to blow up the heart of America’s nuclear arsenal and spread radioactive death across the planet. Now, with a psychopathic killer on the loose, a man determined to personally slaughter the Knights and Arthur himself. Now, with a chance to find Guinevere again, to put right their love that was spoiled and betrayed centuries ago.

Arthur Blessing. The Once and Future King. Now he must choose his fate. Customer Comments

4 out of 5 starsFine third modern day Arthurian saga tale, September 26, 2003

Merlin and Hal Woczniak keep young Arthur Blessing safe as he moves closer to regaining his Pendragon powers though the lad is a media sensation. Hal, better known as Galahad, happens to also loves Arthur's aunt Emily. The rest of the old team of Knights of the Round Table belongs to a motorcycle gang.

When Arthur drinks from a spring containing the Holy Grail, he gains the ability to heal people. However, the spring is part of the home of Gwen Ranier, his beloved Guinevere, who must die if Arthur is to succeed. With other problems and the obstacles posed by enemies and lunatics in his way, Arthur's return as the once and future king seems less likely with every passing moment.

The third entry in this modern Arthurian saga is a strong tale that ties up much from the previous novels (see THE FOREVER KING and THE BROKEN SWORD). However, new fans would be better off perusing the former novels to obtain the full flavor of this charming tale. The cast remains strong making Arthur and his cohorts believable in the twenty-first century and turning a fast-paced and action-packed story line into a great time.

Reviewer: Harriet Klausner from Morrow, Ga. United States

4 out of 5 starsHard to accept- but worth the effort., September 16, 2003

I really enjoyed the first books, THE FOREVER KING and THE BROKEN SWORD, but this one was very hard for me to read. Not that it was a difficult read, but because you know that the choices made by the characters will ultimately lead to great pain. The cold blooded violence was disturbing. The sacrifice and deep love that were woven throughout the story were sometimes heart wrenching. Arthur is maturing in this life as well as "thru the ages". With maturity comes great change and it is very difficult to accept. Especially for the readers who loved the boy Arthur was in the previous novels.

Any writer who makes you feel such complex emotions, that you fear finishing a book, has done a good job. You cry for the Arthur you loved, but you celebrate the ending as a new beginning for all.

Reviewer: from Visalia, CA United States

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